Dear tumblr, please stop making me follow people i have recently unfollowed without my permission. 

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notquiteafembot reblogged my post about white allies with the comment “What a giant load of bullshit” They need to apologise and recognise how fucked up that was or unfollow me immediately.

White people like me need to recognise that we do not have the right to comment on matters of race,…

"White people like me need to recognise that we do not have the right to comment on matters of race" no. If I want to speak out against racism I can. I believe it’s completely unjust, and just because I have not experienced it myself does not mean I cannot express how I feel towards the matter. Surely that in order to combat racism we must remove the barriers that cause it (the colour of our skin), therefore I cannot see how it is a necessity to write "I am white" in my bio, or to tag "I am white" in race related posts. You cannot tell me that because I am not labelled as a ‘poc’ that my opinion is not valid. With this mentality, you could argue that I don’t have a right to speak about the holocaust because I am not a Jew. This post is ridiculous.
Ps. Don’t worry I will unfollow you, I hope that gives you pleasure. (I honestly didn’t even know I was following you, but that is beside the point)




If you are white and do not have it listed in your description/about AND don’t use an ‘i’m white tag’ when reblogging things regarding race/racism I am. Not trusting you.

yeah, put it in your sidebar.

also, please avoid posts about lateral racism (between poc) and anything that might distance you from your whiteness (‘this white classmate said ____,’ ‘white people are so ____,’ ‘white people need to ___’)

if you consider yourself a white ally, i’m expecting you to reblog this post

What a giant load of bullshit


First piercing #Septum


First piercing #Septum

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Fight Club (1999)


Fight Club (1999)

Yeah, I know something about loving people who aren’t smart enough to wanna be loved back, but I learned a secret that I can tell you. They don’t deserve it.


favorite songs of all time. ever. (35/?)

clampdown by the clash.

Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
Do you know that you can use it?

The song’s lyrics, written by Joe Strummer, refers to the failures of capitalist society. The wearing of the “blue and brown” refers to the color of the uniforms that are mostly worn by workers. This idea goes along with lyrics that refer to “young believers” who are brought and bought into the capital system by those “working for the clampdown” who will “teach with twisted speech.”

Yes!! My favorite Clash song.

Growing Up
Andrew Jackson Jihad — Only God Can Judge Me
PLAYED: 2835 times



Growing up
really fucking sucks
I want to fall in love
but I don’t love anybody
And soon, there will be nobody
who will want to fall in love with me
And I’m afraid I don’t care

i love this song. need to listen to ajj more

Supermodel Robots
The Network — Money Money 2020
PLAYED: 205 times

The Network - Supermodel Robots

Not quite a fembot
But almost an alien
She’s in the smell of the month club
I feel it in my lungs

Lesbian junkie funky
Slam dunk a cosmonaut
With laser guns and having fun
Biological parking lot

All systems down

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